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Strengthening Thai Communities: A Collaborative Effort between Sangob Foundation and Traidhos VSP

For nearly a decade, Sangob Foundation (มูลนิธิสงบ) has been instrumental in transforming the lives of individuals and communities across Thailand through an array of outreach initiatives. The Traidhos Visiting Schools Program (VSP), one of Traidhos experiential education programs in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, has been a pivotal force behind these endeavors by incorporating Sangob Foundation's fundraising activities into VSP itineraries. VSP students and educators from all around the world actively contribute to Thai local communities and engage with different cultures, thereby becoming agents of positive change. They gain firsthand experiences of the challenges faced by marginalized communities in Thailand. This immersive engagement fosters empathy, cultural understanding, and a deep sense of social responsibility among the VSP community. It instills in them the importance of making a difference and empowers them to take action, not just during their time in Thailand but also in their future endeavors.

With a focus on addressing critical healthcare needs and responding to the challenges posed by an aging population in Thailand, Sangob Foundation has recently embarked on an outreach project in partnership with Public Health Promotion (PHP) hospitals. The foundation generously donated specialized diapers tailored to patients’ specific requirements as well as tripod canes to PHP hospitals. This invaluable donation, made possible through the unwavering support of VSP, has bestowed comfort and dignity upon numerous individuals, ensuring they receive the compassionate care they deserve.

As VSP continues to engage with the Sangob Foundation's fundraising activities, VSP students and educators play a vital role in creating a brighter future for the people of Thailand. Together, we are building a more compassionate and inclusive society, where individuals from all walks of life can thrive and realize their full potential.

Learn how to plan your school trip with VSP and be part of the positive change, click here To view the VSP video, click here To learn more about Sangob Foundation, click here

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