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Traidhos Three-Generation Camps


Encouraging and nurturing new interests in young people enabling them to grow towards their full potential as happy, global citizens.


Traidhos Camp's carefully planned and facilitated camp programs allow campers to develop in a safe environment. Living in a caring community promoting cooperation and fun, students grow in self-confidence and independence whilst exploring new life-long skills and interests. Camp programs expose campers to global issues at a personal level.

Welcome to Traidhos Camp Program, Chiang Mai!

We know that getting the right camp is an important part of the success and happiness of enjoying camp.


Traidhos Camp staff believe that the opportunity for young people to be part of a residential camp is an important part of their development. Living away from home for an extended period of time, meeting new people and making new friends while having fun helps to develop resilience,  independence and self confidence.

Traidhos Camp is facilitated by skilful activity staff who lead activities and understand the needs of children living away from home during camp. We aim to provide a friendly, caring environment with a high ratio of staff to students.

Our activity camp programs are carefully planned to ensure that campers receive a balance of activities and experiences. Specialist programs as well as general activity programs are supported by fully supervised games and arts activities.


Activity sessions take place each morning, afternoon and in the early evening. Some camps have elective options but most camps follow one schedule. Most activities take place on the Traidhos campus grounds, but many camps have at least one over night off of campus, in a National Park or similar.

Free time is supervised with equipment to prompt activity for campers who find these times more difficult. We want each camper to be happy, to try something new and to leave camp with warm memories and new friends.


Traidhos Camp has been running residential camp and holiday programs for over fifteen years from our purpose built campus in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. The campus is equipped with 24- hour security, nurses, cooks used to feeding active young people, various accommodation types and amazing natural activity spaces. Traidhos Camp is able to draw on the 25 years of experience that other Traidhos environmental education programs have developed, from running residential school programs and the experience of complying with BS8848 – the industry standard for school trips.


Every Camp staff is passionate about working with students in outside environments because we believe it is the best setting for young people to


  • discover more about themselves

  • become more confident living away from home

  • learn to live happily alongside new friends from different places

  • challenge themselves to outdoor adventures

  • enjoy the excitement of campfires, games and outings

  • realise there is a world beyond computer gadgets


Whether you are considering enrolling your child for an activity camp, STEM camp or English Camp; or if you are looking for a family camp that you can participate in alongside your child, please contact us  to see the open programs that are available to enrol now. Our camps run year round following holiday periods in different countries.

If you do not see something that fits your time or interests, let us know. Apart from the published camps, we offer customized camps for after school clubs, organisations or groups of friends wanting a special time away together.

We are looking forward to welcoming you, your child or your wider  family.


Lynda Rolph

Head of Community

Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning. 

Welcome to Camps...

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