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Part of the concept of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning is that we will provide opportunities for parents and grandparents, and those living in the Residences or Premburi, to participate in learning. We believe in the importance of learning with each other and from each other. The wellness programs are a great place to start. Please contact the Head of Community with ideas of other programs that you would like to participate in.

Farm Fun Day for Prem Families

Farm Fun Day for Prem Families

Prem Family Outing with VSP

Prem Family Outing with VSP


Aikido is a Japanese martial art, designed purely for self-defense. Instead of engaging in the fight or conflict, one learns to step out of the line of attack, using the energy and momentum of the attacker to disturb his balance, and to disable him without causing injury. Emphasis is on controlling your attacker by controlling yourself (balance, attitude, awareness).

Time Every Monday, 07.00 - 08.15 pm starts 22 August
Location Blue mat area near the Junior School
Cost Free, come and try once, more than once, whenever you have the time...
Aikido Aikido Poster
Climbing Club
Climbing Club

Adult Cooking Classes

The Traidhos Three-Generation Cooking and Farm Academy offers adult cooking classes.

Open to all Traidhos community, family, friends and visitors.

Time 09.00 to 12.00 am
Location Cooking Academy Pavilion
Cost THB 900 per person**
Contact +66 (0) 53 301 500 (ext. 5030 or 2531)
+66 (0) 85 040 6668 (mobile)

**Price includes 3 recipe selections, apron & recipe book

  • Minimum of two persons is required
  • Vegetarian options are available

Contact us for menu selections

Cooking Cooking poster
Cooking Academy website

Bike Club

If you enjoy cycling, come and join like-minded people to cycle around the local area. This is a great opportunity to get out on your bike and learn new routes in the area and stimulate your well-being.

Routes will not require great skill - only enjoyment of being out of doors cycling in the peaceful Lanna countryside.

Upcoming Dates no planned rides this term but if you have a special request contact
Time Date announced each month. 9.00 until 11.30 - 12.00
Location Meet near Traidhos front gate
Age Ages 14 and up - For competent bike riders only
Equipment Your mountain bike, helmet, water bottle
Cost Outside cyclists - THB 100 (Traidhos Community member - No charge)
Contact if you would like to go on an organised bike ride.

Bike club Bike Club Poster

Banana Bike

Open to all Traidhos community, family, friends and visitors.

Time 8.30 until dusk
Location Village Center
Age Child and adult bicycles available
Cost Donations accepted for bicycle repairs and upkeep
Contact +66 (0) 53 301 500 (ext. 1718)
Banana bike Banana Bike Poster
Drawing class for Prem Parents

Drawing class for Prem Parents


Rent a family plot and grow your own vegetables!

Rent a family plot and grow your own vegetables!

Take Your Field Trip With Traidhos Team

Traidhos Camps in collaboration with Traidhos Farm, offers one day and half day programs for students from Early Years to G12. Programs can be created to help meet classroom learning objectives giving students hands-on fieldwork experience a short drive from your school.

Contact to discuss a program for your class.


Local Golf Memberships

Contact Prem Golf Center


Thai Class with Manuelo

Learn Thai Language and Culture

Learn Thai Language and Culture

Learn Thai Language and Culture

English Class For Parents

English Class For Parents

Traidhos Language Classes for Adults

Traidhos Language Classes for Adults


Usually the first friday each month

  • Farm-fresh organic vegetables
  • Homemade bread
  • Local produce
  • Tasty snacks, food and beverages
  • Handicrafts
Time 2.00 - 5.00 pm
Location Next to the Cooking Academy Sala and Traidhos front gate
Community market 8 reasons for supporting the Community Market

Weekend Massage

Weekend Massage


Prem Library - Read what you love

All members of the Traidhos Community are welcome to use all resources in the library. The library has books, magazines, periodicals, DVDs, iPads, Kindles and CDs.

Opening hours Monday - Friday 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm
Contact Stacey Taylor,
Library poster thumb
Teacher Taster Day
Library poster thumb

Cardio Tennis

Cardio-tennis is a great way to stay fit, meet people and have fun. Each session includes warm-up, cardio workout and cool-down, all accompanied to the beat of energising music.

Time Fridays 08.30 - 09.30 am
followed by Tennis tips and fun doubles play
Location Just show up at the Traidhos Tennis Academy Courts
Cost Traidhos members - THB 150
Guests - THB 250
Cardio tennis Cardio Tennis details


a highly experienced yoga instructor and owner of established yoga studio "Spirit Yoga" in downtown Chiang Mai

Yoga By Master Jagat