“Educating and connecting individuals and communities to raise environmental awareness and take active responsibility for a globally sustainable future.”

Traidhos Three-Generation Barge Program’s experiential learning focuses on the Chao Phraya watershed to promote awareness of global sustainability issues and encourage creative solutions and positive action. Our interdisciplinary, interactive and cooperative approaches to field trips, emphasise the interconnections between physical, cultural, ethical, social and historical aspects of watershed environments.

Since January 1995...
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A World of Connection and Learning

Our interdisciplinary, interactive and cooperative approaches, emphasize the interconnections between physical, cultural, ethical, social and historical aspects of watershed environments.

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Hands On Learning

Experience Teaches Best!
We believe that being in the outside classroom is the most effective way to understand and appreciate the complex relationships in our environment when activities are structured to engage students through all of their senses. During activities students will ask questions and take time to reflect on what they have experienced.

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Small Group Collaboration

Traidhos Barge Program encourages collaboration.
Discovery learning: Students are given ownership in learning to further classroom study.
Listening and questioning: Students collect, analyse and evaluate information.
Conflict resolution: Students negotiate for collaborative problem-solving.

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Challenging Action

Our everyday individual actions shape our future. Traidhos Barge Program challenges students to break old habits and provides the motivation required to design creative solutions and take action to promote sustainability as a global citizen. 

  • Challenge students to make responsible choices as consumers

  • Equip students to speak out with confidence and initiate dialogues

  • Bolster students’ ideas with complementing activities

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Community Service

Creating Positive Impact.
We want to leave our trip sites in better conditions than when we arrived. By taking part in community service projects during the trip, students have the opportunity to create lasting, positive impact on the environment and local communities, as well as acquire life skills and knowledge.

Find out more about community service projects.

We are committed to aligning our environmental education and sustainability
programs to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
In doing so Traidhos Barge Program can help achieve a better and
more sustainable future for all.
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