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Traidhos Three-Generation Cooking Academy wants everyone to explore new tastes and develop a love of cooking traditional, sustainable foods.



Traidhos Three-Generation Cooking Academy in collaboration with Traidhos Three-Generation Farm, works with students and adults to create a seasonal feast, incorporating a harmonious blend of Thai flavours, traditional skills and knowledge of cooking sustainably.

Traidhos Cooking Academy
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Thai cooking classes for Visiting School students unpacking Thai culture through food.
Learn to make your own curry paste or coconut cream and cook several seasonal recipes.

Feast together with your friends.


A half-day program with one pre-cooking choice of activity:

  1. Farm visit: collect vegetables to cook from the Traidhos Three-Generation Farm

  2. Market visit: try cooked food and insects as you shop at a traditional fresh, local market

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Thai cooking classes for parents or tourists.

Create your own class, by selecting the menu you would like to cook.

While cooking learn about Thai customs and local wisdom of the ingredients in your dishes.

The class includes a selected recipe booklet and souvenir apron.


Thai, Asian or baking classes planned according to the campers’ age and camp schedule.

This activity is very popular among the campers and suitable for students with no previous experience in the kitchen.

Campers eat their cooking at the end of the class.

  1. Half day programs cooking lunch or dinner

  2. Single session programs to cook a Thai snack, bake cookies or decorate biscuits.

  3. STEM activities include :working with yeast, preserving techniques and recipes involving a change of state.

Organisers of any camp program in Chiang Mai can arrange to visit for a child-friendly cooking experience during your camp program.

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3.15 - 4.15 pm (check current time)

Choose from: Thai Cooking, Asian Cooking or Easy Baking.

Students learn how to use knives and equipment properly, experience different cooking and baking techniques. After cooking, students taste their own food.

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Classes are planned in conjunction with the class teacher so that classroom learning is extended through hands-on cooking experience. From medieval feasts to weighing and measuring, classroom concepts are extended through practical activity. 


Design Your Own Class

Looking for a great teambuilding activity for your staff team? 

Seeking that special birthday party treat?

Wanting to have a family activity day ?




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