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School Field Trips
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The Traidhos Barge Program focuses on education for all.

Our niche is that of information and process providers. As educators we welcome students,

private groups, and communities from Thailand, Southeast Asia, and the wider world to our

environmental and sustainability programs.

What We Offer

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School Field Trips

  • Primary & Secondary school watershed programs

  • Early-years environmental-play programs

  • In-school environmental and sustainability programs

  • Thai school environmental and sustainability programs

  • Teacher Training/ Enrichment environmental programs

Our environmental education programs deliver outdoor, field-based learning experiences that are safe and fun, while challenging students to think critically and work as a team in discovering the interrelationships that exist between humans and the natural world. 

Primary and Secondary watershed programs

What’s included:

  • Fully customised program

  • Pre trip meeting with teachers and parents

  • Pre trip materials

  • On trip full responsibility for accommodation, food, special diets, welfare of children and staff

  • Delivery of program activities and supervised free time

  • Post trip video and follow up activity ideas

For more information browse our trip locations, and themes and connections.


Early Years
Nature-based play is a great way to introduce the outdoors, sustainability and different environments to young children.  Learning how to enjoy nature and building curiosity of our world can lead to a lifelong love for our planet.
Traidhos Barge Program will visit your centre for short sessions on a one-off or regular basis.


In-school programs
If you are unable to run a field trip off campus, our team of enthusiastic and informed environmental educators can come into your classroom, whole school or lead a special event.

Thai School programs.
ดำเนินการสอนและนำกิจกรรมโดยเจ้าหน้าที่ไทย ผู้ซึ่งจะทำงานร่วมกับครูไทยของโรงเรียนนั้นๆ เราสามารถออกแบบโปรแกรมกิจกรรมการสอนให้เหมาะสมกับแต่ละโรงเรียน เช่น โรงเรียนรัฐบาล โรงเรียนเอกชน โรงเรียนสองภาษา หรือ Special English Programs

Barge staff can deliver an entire program in the Thai language. We welcome Thai government and private schools as well as bilingual and mini-English program schools.

Teacher Training
Traidhos Barge team can share environmental and sustainability activities suitable for teachers to action in their schools.

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Private/Family Groups

  • Families

  • Girls Guides/Scouts/Youth Groups

  • Local organisations

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Days

Families who learn together, stay together.

Our family trips connect you to Thailand’s natural environments. Bring your family and friends for an informative weekend adventure or day trip floating on the Chao Phraya, listening to wildlife, and exploring Thailand’s history and culture.


Girls Guides/Scouts/Youth Groups

Youth groups can join us to learn the skills of teamwork and communication, to conserve water and live sustainably, and solve resource problems and environmental issues. Many of the take-home messages from the activities can be incorporated and extended back home.


Corporate Social Responsibility Days

Gather your employees and join the Traidhos Barge Program for a CSR Day and make a difference to the natural environments we all enjoy. From river clean ups and mangrove plantings, to team building and environmental awareness raising, Traidhos Barge Program are able to provide knowledge, equipment, safety and fun. 

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EE Online

  • Online environmental and sustainability programs

Traidhos Barge Program offers a online journey around Thailand offering the chance to visit our favourite Program locations virtually and consider the environmental issues just as you would have done on a real trip. Our knowledgeable staff will lead interactive educational activities considering issues surrounding human impact, biodiversity and the SDGs, from the comfort of your own home.
Session durations and program themes can be tailored to you. The price includes structured activity delivered by full time educators, support material and a certificate of completion. The virtual programs are suitable for school classes, after school enrichment programs or groups of friends who want to participate in out of school times. The dates can be booked according to your schedule.

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Open Days

  • Teacher Introduction to Traidhos Barge Program open days

  • Environmental Education Volunteer open days

Teacher open days
Teachers are invited to visit us to see how they can open the natural world to their students and learn more about our environmental and sustainability programs
We also offer Professional Development trips designed upon request. We can facilitate workshops that include:

  • Sustainability activities in the classroom

  • Kru Sapha course modules

  • Environmental Education focusing on the Chao Phraya watershed

  • EARCOS 'Water: a resource not to be wasted' workshop

  • River of Words: exploring the watershed through poetry and art


Volunteer open days
If you get excited by the outdoors and sharing knowledge, then please join us on the next volunteer open day. By experiencing some of Traidhos Barge Program’s favourite activities you will learn how to effectively deliver environmental education, manage groups of students and how to lead discussions. These skills can then be applied to volunteer positions within Traidhos Barge Program and other departments within the Traidhos Three-Generation Community.

School Field Trips
Private/Family Groups
EE Online
Open Days


Justin, Year 6

"I am very grateful because I thought every single little detail in each activity was fun and the entire residency was a blast" 


Parent of Year 1 Student

"On a boat tour on the Chao Phraya my son played tour guide and was telling everyone all about the ecosystem of the river because he remembers his barge trip with Traidhos which was 2 years ago now. "


Justin, Year 6

"I am very grateful because I thought every single little detail in each activity was fun and the entire residency was a blast"


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