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Working together for a sustainable future.

Traidhos is a founding practitioner with Compass Education

In common with the belief that a sustainable future can only be developed with systems thinking, our concept of sustainability is one that embraces and sees the relationships between all activities on campus.

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Nature – Traidhos grounds, plants, wildlife, water sources, air quality, flooding provision

Economy – jobs, budgets, purchasing

Society-   decision making, democracy, equity, Student groups, The Board, Parent groups, Staff groups, celebrations, traditions, culture, policies

Well-being – opportunities for personal development across campus, opportunities to try new things, planning for joyful learning, a balance of activities, promoting inclusion, celebrating success, opportunities for a time in natural spaces

Traidhos Three-Generation Community seeks to develop sustainable thinking and responsibility throughout the campus,  at different levels, from responses to a problem we see to the policy that can try and prevent the unsustainable action from taking place.

  • students (Prem, VSP, Barge, Camp)

  • parents, agents, visitors

  • employees

  • the communities of which we are part (Local CM)

  • the wider environment (global world)

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Taking a campus- wide organizational approach to sustainability, Traidhos looks for strategic places to integrate and practice sustainable development in these five specific working areas of Campus life:

  1. Governance and Management (leadership, decision making and policy)

  2. Teaching and Learning (engaging students in systemic thinking)

  3. Buildings and Grounds (design and maintenance of buildings and outside environment)

  4. Operations and Support (organization of daily operations, including purchasing practices, resource usage, attention to health and quality of life)

  5. Networking and Partnerships (collaborative action with the local and broader community)


Traidhos Community sustainability self audit 2017

Flourishing Futures permeating the Traidhos Community


Staff Sharing Cabinet

The food donation cabinet helps Traidhos staff who lost their income and ability to feed their families during the difficult Covid-19 period.

 A sign inviting people to take goods or leave goods such as instant noodles, eggs, canned fish, rice and washing powder was set up at the Thai Canteen at the Operations Building. 


Prem Community donations to Huay Sai

Teachers and community members supported an initiative to help the poorest members of the Huay Sai community who were impacted by Covid-19. Every week, donations of non-perishable goods and eggs were collected and distributed to the people who needed them most.

Understanding the SDGs

Traidhos Programs relate activities to the SDGs to inform and inspire student action related to global issues.

Precious Plastics 

Students learn to grind plastic bottle caps into plastic chips that can be refashioned into sports medals, golf tees and other useful products.


Prem students engaged in research, proposals and action around various initiatives including understadning the creation and value of  Bio Char and making air sensors to monitor air pollution.

Clean Air for our Future Camp

With support form the CM Governor and networking with CMU, Maejo and the National Park, Prem students joined with students from four Thai schools to understand the causes and impact of air pollution. Each group took action following the camp to make their community a little more sustainable through practices that reduced burning or by advocating for clean air.

Tree Planting 

Traidhos Programs seek to plant native species trees  to restore habitats.

Rubbish Clean Up

Traidhos Programs and Prem students participate in litter picks to raise awareness of the issue of plastic rubbis.


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