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About Us

We have been providing experiential education programs since the year 2000.


To be the best South East Asian provider of experiential learning, facilitating growth as a global citizen and inspiring the creation of sustainable futures.


Visiting Schools Program, Chiang Mai, provides a safe and welcoming residential community and customised experiential programs, which engage participants in personal development through cultural, environmental, community service, outdoor adventure and team building activities. These programs allow worldwide participants the opportunity to explore global issues at a personal level, broadening perspectives and understandings to encourage social responsibility and sustainable living.

To view the VSP e-brochure, please click here

Our Experience

We have been providing educational programs for schools, colleges and universities since the year 2000, and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in looking after the needs of student trips. Annually we welcome around 3000 students and staff to our program, from over 50 schools worldwide.

We carefully choose where we take our student groups, favouring places that we believe have good ethical standards. We also educate our groups about being Global Citizens by exposing students to new and challenging experiences, and encouraging them to make responsible decisions during their visit that they can implement in their day-to-day lives.

Our dedicated staff include Thai, Asian and Western nationalities, and will lead your group for all activities during the trip. VSP staff are chosen for their passion and experience in working with students, and are WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aid) trained and certified. All VSP staff have training in the safeguarding of children, and have police record checks.

Naturally we take safety very seriously, and all activities have been assessed for risk management. A detailed risk assessment document for all VSP activities is available on request. Our programs meet the guidelines for international standards and VSP is certified and compliant to BS8848, which is the British Standard for organising and managing visits, expeditions and adventurous activities outside the UK.

For activities at all locations a support vehicle is on permanent standby and we have procedures in place in case of any emergency or medical evacuation. Adventurous activities are supported by specialist staff who provide the appropriate training and safety equipment to students. All equipment is maintained regularly, and we work to international standards to ensure the strictest safety requirements are met.

On campus we have a fully equipped medical centre and 24-hour care is provided by our team of nurses. In the event of anyone needing further medical attention, a vehicle is on standby at all times to go to the city where we use and recommend Chiang Mai Ram hospital, which is approved and accredited by the Joint Commission International.

Traidhos is located 25km north of Chiang Mai in a quiet rural setting that is very natural and safe. Our accommodation is located on-campus and we have a wide range of facilities that are available to our visiting groups.

All you need to do is send an email outlining your needs, and we can put together a draft program for your consideration without any obligation to commit. Please visit our Bookings page to make contact with us and further details about the range of activities on offer can be found here


Global Citizenship

Although the trips we run can have a variety of activities included, we aim to maintain one common theme throughout of developing positive global citizenship for the students. 

We feel that part of being a good global citizen is someone who is not only mindful of their actions and how they affect the world and other people around them, but someone who can also consider beyond the immediate, and see how their actions impact the future.

By exposing VSP students to the challenge of new cultures, food and language, our programs are designed to develop awareness and understanding. We encourage students to have open minds and learn as much as they can from the people that they meet and places they visit. We hope that the experience our students gain with our program will be taken home and applied to their everyday lives and in the future.

A Global Citizen is someone who...

  • Is respectful of and accepts the differences of other cultures

  • Is willing and open to new experiences

  • Has the ability to adapt and fit in with the local culture and environment

  • Is aware of shared resources

  • Has the skills of enquiry and discussion

  • Can teach and share their experiences with others

We help all our students to develop as global citizens with the aid of the 5Cs:

  1. Consideration

  2. Cooperation

  3. Conservation

  4. Communication

  5. Challenge

VSP students are encouraged to practise and think about all of these skills through the activities they participate in and also when reflecting on what they have achieved.


Your Experience

We understand that it can be a daunting task to organise a school trip, especially one overseas, and we will take care of everything in Thailand for your visit. Using our expertise and local knowledge we will help to advise and create the most suitable program given the age and ability of your students and preferred trip focus.

We are very flexible and like a challenge! We can provide trips for less than 10 people to over 300, ranging from just a few days up to several months. Students of any age are welcome to our program, and we also have adult and family programs available.

For larger groups we design programs to rotate everyone through the same chosen activities, but in smaller manageable groups so the students get the most out of each experience.

We can also provide a different trip theme for each sub-group should you require, empowering students to choose their preferred activities. Our programs can include a wide range of varied activities, and there are many to choose from under the general headings of Adventure, Teamwork, Community Service, Culture, Fieldwork and the Environment. Further details about the range of activities on offer can be found here.

Please let us know your trip focus, preferred activities and group size, and we will provide a program for your consideration.

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