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Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning

We are an international community of learners, across all generations, working together for a sustainable future.

What is Traidhos Three - Generation Community for Learning?

Traidhos is a learning community. It provides a safe space for learners of all ages 

  • to come together 

  • to think (especially about issues concerning sustainability)

  • to be challenged by new experiences

  • to be nurtured, to grow and to develop 


while exploring ways of considering life style choices and corporate actions that contribute to a flourishing, sustainable future.


Many Parts: One Organisation 

Traidhos is the umbrella which encompasses all of the activity on the Traidhos Campus in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai and the Barge Program in Bangkok.

Currently this includes: Prem Tinsulanonda International School and Intensive English Program (IEP), Traidhos Camp, Traidhos Visiting Schools Program, Traidhos Three-Generation Farm and Cooking Academy, Traidhos Wellness Programs,  visiting cricket teams playing on the David Buck Cricket Oval, Premburi, Krapood Restaurant, The Residence and Traidhos Barge Program(Bangkok) and the Ko Kret Learning Centre (Nonthaburi).

These programs share on-campus facilities including accommodation for over 400 participants, cafeteria, restaurants, swimming pools, fitness room, playing fields, amphitheater, classrooms, open air activity halls and team-building stations. Additionally, Traidhos campus is home to boarding students, teachers and their families, and activity staff.


Each part of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning has its own specific visionary goals and mission, but they are all in harmony with each other contributing to sustainability in its fullest, systemic sense. Each Program has its distinct customer group while supporting and enriching the other Traidhos components.

Traidhos Three-Generation Community and Prem Tinsulanonda International School:

A Special Relationship

Staff from Traidhos Programs are actively engaged with teachers during regular planning and delivery of many learning activities which take Prem students beyond the walled classroom. Traidhos Programs’ staff offer specialist learning opportunities and authentic learning as part of the on-going curriculum and co-curricular (Exploria )program of activities. 

Prem students and teachers benefit from the areas of outdoor and sustainability education expertise as well as from Traidhos resources which enrich classroom teaching, without time being spent travelling to an outside provider. Traidhos Program staff facilitate many camps and IA activities for Prem students.

We believe that this working relationship with all parts of Traidhos, sets Prem apart from other international schools and contributes to Prem being a leading day and Boarding School, able to work more actively towards its mission of sustainability.



Chief Executive's Council

The Chief Executive's Council (CEC) exists as the day to day decision-making body for Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning. It has the CEO's authority to make decisions on a day-to-day basis and reports directly to the CEO.

TTG-Management Struture.png

The CEC makes decisions on matters affecting all aspects of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning, including Prem Tinsulanonda International School, so that operations can move smoothly, quickly and all decisions benefit all parts of the Community.

The Chief Executive's Council consists of ML Tri, CEO, the General Manager, the Head of Community, Head of School and the Assist. General Manager. Additional personnel may be co-opted for specific events or invited to provide specialist information.  

HoC submits a quarterly report to the Board of Governors.

Come and Join our International Community of Learners


Who can Participate in Traidhos Programs?

Well-Being Activities Parents, grandparents and guardians of Prem students, staff and family members, Premburi residents and those living in The Residence, are invited to participate in Wellness Programs and regular Traidhos family events as part of the Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning. People living or visiting in Chiang Mai may participate through Meet-Up events, or published activities subject to appropriate safeguarding provision. 


Camps and School Trips Students from around the world, from around Thailand or locally in CM can sign up for year-round camps, or join with their school class or youth group for Visiting Schools or Barge Programs.

Farm Programs: All Adults and children wanting to connect to the farm environment. We welcome families to participate together.


Traidhos is not just a place where children learn in school or in a Visiting School, Barge or Camp program. All age learning opportunities are created for everyone as well as family events. Traidhos does not follow academic term times, programs are offered year round.


Contact: +66-53-301500  E-mail :

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