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The History of Traidhos Cricket Ground.
Cricket Match

A meeting in April 2004 between Lister Hannah, President, of the then Prem Center and Ashraf Huq, CEO of the Asia Cricket Council (ACC) at the Chiang Mai Sixes, and a subsequent visit to Traidhos Three-Generation Cricket Academy, led to a continuing and significant relationship with the ACC and the Cricket Association of Thailand - and, indirectly, with Cricket Australia.


















The ACC encouraged the building of a cricket ground at the then Prem Centre (since rebranded Traidhos Three-Generation Community)  and with substantial support from Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning’s CEO /Owner, ML Tri, this began in late 2004.

In July 2005 Traidhos Three-Generation Cricket Academy hosted the first of four high performance, week-long ACC seminars for top coaches in the 21 member countries.

In August 2005 David Buck, with his wife Linda, joined the boarding staff at Prem International School. David brought with him extensive and invaluable cricket coaching (ECB Level 3) and ground development expertise and experience. His hours of painstaking supervision led to the successful completion of an outstanding cricket ground.

On Monday, November 6, 2006, the Traidhos Cricket Ground was officially opened by Chairman M.L. Tri, Vice Chairman Lister Hannah, and David Buck. The international standard cricket ground, opened with the capacity for seven turf wickets on the central 'square' and five turf practice-wickets (nets).

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