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Traidhos Barge Program

Staff Profiles

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Our teaching and administrative staff are a mixture of Thai and foreign outdoor educators. All teaching staff are university educated naturalists, scientists and teachers. To continue to offer the highest quality programs possible, our staff use every opportunity to develop themselves through training workshops, seminars and conferences. 

All of our staff support the education of all program participants. The comprehensive nature of any education program with Traidhos Barge Program means that all members of our staff play a role in the education of any person who participates in our program. 

We are committed to role modelling ecologically sustainable practices by instituting policies and systems that are energy/waste efficient and environmentally sensitive.


Lynda Rolph - Head of Barge Program & Head of Community, Traidhos Three-Generation Community For Learning

Hello, I'm Lynda and I am a primary school teacher originally from near London, UK. I have worked with Barge Program for many years but I never get tired of visiting the amazing sites we work in and helping learners become more curious about the things they are seeing. 


Godchaporn (Or) Chairuangsook - Logistics Secretary

I am bi-lingual. I speak Thai and English. I have been with Traidhos Community for Learning in Thailand for 4 years.
I am trained in Safeguarding procedures. I assist the Barge Program on the logistics and preparation.


Nuan - Barge Secretary &  Administrative Logistics Coordinator

Hi, I am Nuan. My background is B.A. from Ramkhamhaeng University. I work as Administrative Logistics Coordinator at Barge Program. I enjoy my responsibilities including learning about sustainability from our Environmental Educators.
If you truly love nature, you will find beautiful places every where.

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Sam Shwartz - Environmental Educator

Sam I am and I hail from Providence, Rhode Island, which is not an actual island.  Throughout my life, I have always been an avid outdoorsman, starting with the local beaches & forest and now bouncing around the globe.  Outdoor education and environmental education were cornerstones of my youth and I hope to share these experiences through my work.

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Shauna O'Brien - Environmental Educator

Hi, I'm Shauna and I am an educator from London.
I have a background in Zoology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and I love to explore new environments around the world. I enjoy working for Barge because I get to share my knowledge with young learners, and help them to appreciate nature and the environment around them.


Nipaphon Leacher - Environmental Educator

Hello, I am Miza. I come from Chiang Rai, in the northern part of Thailand. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in the English Program. I was born in the countryside and grew up in a mountainous city, which is a tourist attraction village. This upbringing has made me passionate about traveling and living with nature. I also completed an internship with Traidhos Camp in 2020, which inspired me to learn more about environmental sustainability. After graduating from university, I started working at an international school in my hometown. I love joining outdoor activities and challenging myself. That's why I decided to further my learning and knowledge development.

Now, I am a part of the Traidhos Barge team, and it has been a year since I started working here to learn and share my knowledge about the natural environment. I am excited to meet you and hope that we can learn and enjoy the experience together!


Molly -  Environmental Educator

Hello, I’m Molly, from the UK. I have a background in Zoology and Wildlife Conservation. I enjoy working with the Barge Program because I get to visit many different locations in Thailand and see lots of amazing species (like elephants) whilst inspiring our next generations to take care of them and the rest of the planet.

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Khamphee - Environmental Educator

Hello, I'm Khamphee and I'm from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since exploring places and nature is my favorite thing,  I'm here working with Barge, as I can share my knowledge with the students I work with. I always love it when learners have fun visiting places and realizing that there is nothing to be scared of in nature.

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Anna - Environmental Educator

Hi, my name is Anna and I am an educator from Brighton. 
I am a marine biologist with a background in public outreach and engagement, and love to travel and spend time outdoors. I am excited to  work for Barge, and to share my understanding and enjoyment of the natural world with the next generation of conservationists! 


Joshua - Environmental Educator

Hi my name is Joshua I am from Brighton - England. I studied Outdoor Experiential Education BA Honours. I have recently been working at a SEN school as a TA, while redesigning the school allotment to facilitate all curriculum lessons. I have always loved the outdoors, being able to facilitate settings with the hopes of inspiring others is somthing I am passionate about.


Mario - Environmental Educator

Hi, I'm Mario and I am a naturalist from India. I have a background in wildlife conservation and zoo education and I love reptiles, birds, fish, insects, mammals, trees, plants and everything people would normally run away from. I really enjoy working with the Barge because it allows me to teach young minds to be empathetic towards nature. 


Georgia - Environmental Educator

Hi I’m Georgia and I’m from London. I’ve always enjoyed being outside and have a developed interest in nature and sustainability. As a result I have gained a BSc in Zoology
and I have recently finished my MSc in conservation at Kew Gardens. I’m looking forward to engaging children and promoting a passion for their environment.

Our core education team is supported by energetic and enthusiastic volunteers during busy periods. If you would like to join the team as a seasonal volunteer or are looking for full time employment, please contact us!

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