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History of Traidhos Three - Generation Community
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The concept of Traidhos Three-Generation has its roots back in 1994 when ML Tri started the Barge Program on Chao Phraya River, and the initial Thai school: Tridhos School Village (TSV), in Mae Rim.


The notion of parents and grandparents as life long learners alongside their children, living together on campus and learning with and from each other was central to this original institution. It recognised that society is richer when generations come together and as the family structure in Thailand in the 1990s and around the world was changing, challenged us to work together to build relationship across generations. The Traidhos concept realised the importance of people of all ages,  spending time immersed in nature, learning in and from the natural environment.

The Tridhos Three-Generation School Village (TSV), the beginnings of campus and the Three-Generation concept.

In 1994, ML Tri bought the rice paddy fields on which the present campus has been established. His plan was to build a three-generation school village. The campus would comprise a world-class independent school teaching the Thai curriculum in English. It would be surrounded by apartments which parents could lease. It would offer the best of the education he had received in USA without families having to spend long periods away from each other. After losing a young son, ML Tri was determined to develop a world-class school for Thais in Thailand, in his son's memory.

It was anticipated that most parents would be living in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand beyond Chiang Mai - and in many cases it would be the grandparents or other relatives, the extended family,  who would be living on campus looking after the children - thus the three-generation concept: child, parent or relative, and grandparent. The older generation was to be seen as an educational source of wisdom, and the setting was to be used to promote healthy living and environmental awareness.

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The Tridhos Three-Generation School Village opened in May 1997. Just two months later, an economic crisis overwhelmed Thailand in particular, and Asia in general. The Tridhos School was particularly hard hit. For the next three years it struggled to survive. In the meantime Mom Tri was looking for educational partners to develop a fresh momentum.

The Origin of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning

Outdoor and Sustainability Education

At this time Geelong Grammar School, Australia, was involved in a joint-venture with the King's Mother's Foundation, the Mae Fah Luang Foundation, to develop an international boarding school at Doi Tung in the far north of Thailand. Because of the economic crisis, Geelong Grammar was forced to suspend its project. In late 1997 ML Tri started discussions with the Headmaster, Lister Hannah, and in September 1998 the Headmaster and the Chairman of the Geelong Grammar School Council visited and were impressed with the Tridhos campus. In late 1998 the Chairman of the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) also visited and was similarly impressed. It was decided to develop the centre and school for excellent International Education, with a focus on experiential learning and outdoor activity.

Prem Center

His Excellency General Prem Tinsulanonda, Commander-in-Chief of the Army in the late 1970s, Prime Minister 1980-88, and later Privy Counsellor to the King and President of the Privy Council, the only Thai accorded the title of Statesman, was approached to give his name to the Center. He agreed and the Center became known as Prem Centre.

It was decided that the Tridhos School Village would close in March 2000. In its place the Prem Tinsulanonda Centre for International Education (Prem Centre)  would come into existence in January 2000. It included the Visiting Schools Program.  Prem Tinsulanonda International School opened a year later in 2001.

Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning

In 2010, Prem Center was re-branded  Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning

The campus continues to evolve and develop but keeps at its core the desire to develop leaders who will practice creativity and “good thinking”; the importance of family;  and the need for a connection to the natural world that inspires sustainable lifestyles.


Traidhos strives to offer a range of relevant, professional programs to participants aged 3 years to adult. Staff training, site visits, activity revision and policy review take place regularly as we work to maintain compliance with BS8848.


Traidhos is registered with TAT to receive inbound guests and is well known as an experiential education provider in Bangkok. Prior to covid, Camp, VSP and Barge Program worked with around 7,700 students a year.

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