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Prem Parent

of age 4 - 8 camper

Thank you for everything about the camp, Michael really loves it.

Kind regards


Prem Parent

of age 4 - 8 camper

The summer camp Traidhos offered was well enjoyed by everyone. Clearly the staff know what they're doing! Experiences are the best teacher. 

NIS parent of age 4 - 8 camper

Thank you for hosting my children in the camp today. They had a wonderful time. After getting back home, eating lunch and taking a shower, both of them took a very long nap! They are looking forward to going back up on Wednesday morning.

Camper Science and Nature  2021

I liked doing the experiments about what ants like to eat.


AUA Access


I enjoyed everything from start to finish. The games and activities are so engaging and get the students thinking critically. I am always surprised at just how many students love the macro invertebrates activity. The hike to the village is particularly wonderful every time with the community service at the end to really end on a high.


Family Camp 


Kids learn to take care of each other and animals. When they come home they want to use English.

Winter Camp Parent 2021

(7 - 10)

Thank you all camp Teachers, Alicia got a good work out and growth during camp this week and also gained friendships. Thank you to all members for a wonderful week.


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