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Striving to be a leading educational farm in SE Asia, promoting learning through experience to all.



( Traidhos )Three-Generation Farm provides cross-curricular farm opportunities, which encourage participants to connect to the natural world while learning new skills and knowledge. Activities promote fun and sustainability so that participants can make informed lifestyle choices. The Program is managed to model a self-sustaining farm.

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Three-Generation Farm

Three-Generation Farm is located adjacent to Traidhos Campus in Huay Sai Village. It consists of 21 rai of land made up of raised beds with canals, rice paddy, lemon orchards, ponds and areas for the farmers and animals.

As an educational farm it also includes a mushroom house, charcoal kiln, earthen structures, bee hives, vermiculture area, closed system aquaponics house, compost and EM areas and shaded learning spaces.

Vegetables are used during student activities on the farm or in the Traidhos Cooking Academy, sold weekly to members of the Traidhos Community . Remaining vegetables are used in the Traidhos cafeteria. Cafeteria waste is returned to the farm for animal feed and composting.

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