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Cooking Facilities


Cooking Sala

This purpose built cooking area has provision for approx. 24 students to cook in pairs at their own cooking station. It includes a demonstration area equipped with a mirror to allow you to observe all angles of the demonstration. Sprinklers on the roof keep the sala cool when everyone is cooking.

Feasting together is central to Thai culture, so the cooking sala is complete with a long table allowing everyone to eat and talk together at the end of each class.

butterfly pea.jpeg


Traditionally, Thai cooks would grow herbs around their home and pluck what they needed as they started to cook.  We have a small herb garden around the sala. Here we grow herbs including basil, chili, aloe vera, and edible flowers that students can use to decorate their food when they have finished cooking. Presentation is very important in Thai culture.

Domestic Waste Bin

Compost Area

Zero waste and the concept of circular economy is incorporated into classes with the provision of a compost  area for food waste. We have found that composting can divert as much as 30% of food waste away from the rubbish bin.

Sustainable Products

Traidhos Cooking Academy makes Effective Micro-organism (EM) and uses this to make bio-degradable soaps and cleaners. These are used in the Cooking Academy and are sold at Community Market.

Community Market Day

Traidhos Cooking Academy supports the Monthly Traidhos Community Market preparing cooked food, snacks or herbal teas to sell.

community market.png
Student Leaders

Traidhos Cooking Academy encourages participants to take responsibility for their learning, including responsibility for cleaning all equipment during the class. Opportunity is given to students who want to develop as leaders during CAS programmes. Cooking staff work with these students to help them plan and facilitate activities with younger children.

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