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Barge stories

Voices from schools

 Being the trusted partner of schools is one of our biggest goals.
Therefore, your satisfaction is very important to us.

Let's hear what schools have to say about Barge team and experiences they had with us.
A big thank you for your positive feedback and we look forward to
a further successful collaboration!

Tara Pattana International School

"Our Year 6 just came back from the Kao Chamao residential trip with your team and the feedback from them was very, very positive. My head of school and the management team are very happy with your company and team". 

Jee Dickson-Smith, School Manager
Trip date: February 2023

Berkeley International School

"Thank you so much for planning such great trips for our students. The feedback I have gotten so far has been very positive! The kids all said they had a great time and would recommend their friends to go. Hats off to you and your staff. Thank you so much for all your efforts and expertise". 


Karen Hendren, Primary Principal

Trip date: March 2023

Traill International School

"Kanchanaburi trip was a big success.
The students loved it. There was a good balance between activity, rest and travel time with age appropriate activities. Credit to the team for their hard work."


Sammy Ebzao 

Trip date: June 2023 (Year 11-13)

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