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PREM Grade 3 Camp - 4-5 January 2024

Grade 3 jumped at the chance to set up a tent, their home away from home for camp this year. After their new homes were set we headed out for a boat cruise on the Ping River. Observing life along the river and discovering what natural resources the river "gives" us, was a fun and eye opening experience. We were all getting a little hungry so a trip to the fresh market was in order. The Thai speakers had a special opportunity to put their language skills into action as groups of children we given money and shopping lists to purchase needed ingredients to make dinner. Once back on campus the little chefs got to work creating a fabulous meal which they all enjoyed immensely. After a night in a tent there were lots of stories to share. The camp concluded with children celebrating a giant tree on campus, complete with decorations and children creating and reciting poetry to the tree. Our deep gratitude for the trees and all natural resources was clearly a profound experience for all.


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