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A Camp For Everyone

Traidhos Camp offers a range of camp programs, advertised on the website. We call these “Open” Camps.

Anybody can join open camps which take place on the Traidhos Campus with visits into Chiang Mai or to National Parks in CM or nearby provinces depending on the program.


If you have a group of friends and you are interested in a camp at the sea,  in Kanchanaburi, in Bangkok, along the Chao Phraya River, in Ayutthaya or in Khao Yai National Park the Traidhos Barge Program is ready to provide this camp option. Contact and we can connect you to our sister program.

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Residential Activity Camps (9-13 years)

Traidhos Activity Camps offer balanced programs often around a theme. Each camp is delivered through games, explorations, activities, outings, campfires and living together.

Activity Camps are sold in packages of one week, but it is possible to join for multiple weeks.

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Teambuilding Camps

Teambuilding Camps

Age 9 – 14

Teambuilding Camp explores communication, dealing with conflict

leading, following and problem solving together

Survival Camps

Age 9 -14

Includes laying and lighting fires, cooking, knots

knife and compass skills, emergency first aid

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English Camp

Traidhos Summer English Program in Chiang Mai combines 15 hours of 

English classes each week with afternoon and evening activities to promote the use of english in everyday settings.

During the two week camp, campers will enjoy off campus visits to the insect zoo, a Karen

village on Doi Inthanon as well as a mixed program of on campus activity, including problem 

solving, group activities, cooking and outdoor games.

This Summer holiday English camp is a residential program.

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Habitat Camp

Come and explore the natural world and take action for the environment.

Activities include a river boat ride, ice skating, ice-cream making, viewing arid plants as

well as  experiencing the nighttime world of the forest.


The week will end with campfire

and BBQ.

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Sports Camp

Join Traidhos Sports camp and explore a number of individual and group sports throughout 

the week including golf, tennis, muay Thai, archery, hiking, climbing, basketball, biking and more.

Explore Doi Pha Hom Pok National Park and kayak at Mae Ngad Dam. 

Develop your team skills while solving team challenges and group games.

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Celebrate Thailand Camp

For campers who want to discover more about Thailand or for students who love all things Thai.

 Activity Descriptions: This camp explores Thai culture through food, crafts, temple visits, dressing up, games and music.


Campers will use a little Thai language and celebrate living in the north of Thailand. 

This Thai culture camp includes a local hike.

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