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Yew Chung International School (June)

Sometimes we are asked just how many people we can accommodate at Traidhos at one time – particularly when a school from one country will notice that (as well as the students who study there full time) there are two or more other schools visiting from different countries. Well, to give you an idea, we hosted 180 people from YCIS in Hong Kong this June. They were split into seven different groups but, since we often have a single group of thirty or more, they could easily have brought a lot more!

Each of the groups had a slightly different programme as there were strict educational criteria to meet on this trip but all of them spent a short time upon arrival learning about the language and culture of the people of Thailand. This is an activity that we do with many of our visiting schools because we believe that to be a good Global Citizen you should show some awareness of these things when you visit a foreign land and, after all, if we’re going to give out a Global Citizen t-shirt to all our guests then we’re going to make sure you earn it!

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