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Wells International School, Bangkok

27-29 January 2016

Wells International School were treated to an array of on-site activities during their three-day stay at Traidhos. Bringing sixty-four students and staff, the only time they ventured off campus was to go for a beautiful trek to a hidden waterfall a short distance away. Since the students are just Grade 5 and 6, they were perfectly happy to enjoy a multitude of short activities rather than, say, a two-day excursion into the wilderness.

Day one saw them participate in a number of craft activities including making paper decorations and painting umbrellas both in the Lanna style – Lanna being the name of an ancient kingdom of which Chiang Mai was the capital for almost five hundred years. They also enjoyed northern Thai food and a music and dance performance as part of the Khantok Dinner in the evening.

As well as this they learned basic Muay Thai kickboxing skills from a veteran of the sport, spent half a day of fun on our farm and got stuck into three different team building games, which tested their patience, resilience and problem solving ability as well as their teamwork skills. The stakes were probably highest for the third of the tasks since they were building rafts from barrels and rope that needed to carry them safely across a narrow body of water. If their team was able to apply what they learned during a quick demonstration of good knot-tying (and keep their balance), they were able to stay dry!

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