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SEPTEMBER 2017: Ivanhoe Grammar school, Australia

Old City Adventure

Over nine days, students from Ivanhoe Grammar School experienced a mixture of adventure and cultural activities, including biking, cooking, a language lesson, visiting elephants and a trip to a local mountain village to build a wall for a local school.

One of the main cultural experiences of the trip was our Old City Adventure. The students split into two teams and competed to complete as many challenges as they could around the famous “old city” in the heart of Chiang Mai. The challenges require a wide range of skills as you are required to find facts on signs at historical places, complete a checklist of obscure items to photograph, interact with local vendors (and taste some of their local “treats”) and stage themed photographs and videos.

The students put themselves into two teams, created a group name and gesture for themselves ready for the city adventure ahead of them.

Many challenges where completed in the old city. This challenge was a group attempting to spell out Chiang Mai with the help of some other tourists. How did they do?

The adventure took Ivanhoe to some of Chiang Mai’s most impressive temples and the students were able to appreciate the intricateness of the detail in every corner of the buildings – inside and out.

One of the biggest challenges was for the students to try some more traditional Thai foods: durian, grilled liver, century eggs and fermented pork. The more adventures the students were, the more points they won for their team.

After the old city adventure, Ivanhoe continued their adventure of Chiang Mai city by visiting a 3D art museum, a local shopping mall and the hustle and bustle of the popular Night Bazaar. Thank You Ivanhoe for another great trip!

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