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Seoul International School, Korea - April 2023

A small group of students and teachers from Seoul International School, Korea, visited Chiang Mai University's Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU-CMU) recently where they learned about the effects of deforestation and how this affects the ecosystem.

The students learned about the efforts of FORRU to regenerate the local forests and the processes involved including fruit and seed structures, the way in which seeds are dispersed and how seeds germinate. The students then had the opportunity to plant their own seedlings in the nursery and were shown how to care for tree saplings until they are ready for planting in the forest. The educational session was led by Khun Phai, a full time education officer at FORRU, who graduated from CMU's Department of Geography with a B.Sc. and has worked with FORRU since 2016.

Visiting Schools Program (VSP) has been partnering with FORRU-CMU for many years to educate students about the importance of forests and the role of nature in the world around us.


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