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Prem Grade 5 Camp

We began with a welcome circle, introductions and an interactive animal name game in Sala 3 and on Buffalo Field. Mayah, Jenny, Fost, and Oom Imm led several ice breaker games such as Evolution and Greetings. We then had an Introduction to Sustainable Technology conversation where I asked the children to tell me what each of those words meant to them and what they predicted they meant when put together. When the sun came out from behind the clouds, we were able to play a quick game of shadow tag and return to sala to build our solar ovens. The students placed bananas covered in chocolate chips into their solar ovens and we placed them on the field to cook but the sun was not strong and we had quite a bit of cloud coverage so we took them with us to Mok Fah to find a sunny spot there.

We then loaded the vans with our bags and headed to Pang Pao Beach for lunch. After a safety and boundaries briefing, we had a nice lunch, the students thoroughly enjoyed the food as well as free time around the restaurant grounds, and there were many things including sheep to keep them entertained. We piled back into the vans and off to Mok Fah. 

The students were very excited to arrive at Mok Fah campsite and see their tents! We then played rotations of Blind Square and Direct the Robot where the students worked on their communication and collaboration skills. We cooked hamburgers for dinner in small groups and again the students were able to demonstrate how well they could work together as a team. Once we cleaned up, the campfire was lit and we moved over to enjoy its ambiance. The students performed a couple Crazy Pigeon skits and camp leaders led Penguin Dance and a round of Apples and Bananas. We roasted marshmallows and headed to bed.

The next morning we worked in small groups again to create a simple yet delicious breakfast. Everyone packed up their belongings and we walked down the path to the waterfall itself. The students gazed at the waterfall, played in the sand and waded in the shallow pool downstream. They were able to show their appreciation for their surroundings through watercolour paintings they created on the beach. These will become the covers for their narratives about camp. After tidying up, we walked back to the campsite to have snack, do one last garbage walk and load the vans. Back to campus we went. 

Upon arriving back at school, we went straight to lunch followed by a nice session of free time on Buffalo Field. We then walked across campus and worked on more team building skills by completing the low ropes course where students quickly learned how crucial cooperation was to the tasks at hand. Most were successful and a lot of fun was had by all. 

We returned to Sala 3 for afternoon snack and our closing circle. It was time to say goodbye and everyone shared their top experiences from our time together. There were a lot of laughs, some silly stories and some shared challenges they faced and overcame. The junior school principal even joined in the tail end.


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