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Novermber 2018: Myanmar International School Yangon (MISY)

November 2018

Teaching Team Work and Leadership

This was to be the group’s last trip together before graduating. They arrived with little knowledge of what the week had in store for them, except that there was to be a running competition between four subgroups. They soon realised they would be learning all sorts of things about their classmates and about themselves. Our aim was to show them new ways of working with others and to build their confidence and leadership skills.

I began the week by telling the group that as part of the competition, each group would be making a one-minute video stich each day, made up of photos and videos taken by their group. By the end of the week, they would need to edit these all of together in order to produce a video at least four minutes long. My hope was that these videos would encompass their team spirit and show how much they could achieve in a week if they worked together.

Instead of giving you a detailed breakdown of the days and individual tasks, I will let the group show you their efforts:

The Myanmar International School Yangon ‘Team Nevermind’ Teamwork Video

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