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New High Ropes Course!

Canadian International School, Singapore

13-18 March, 2016

Recently our staff went to check out a new high ropes centre that has opened in Chiang Mai and we left very eager to take our first group there. Step forward CIS! One of their four groups that came to stay with us this month spent all morning putting their skills to the test up in the trees of a beautiful location just fifteen minutes from Traidhos.

There are a total of 48 sections that require strength, balance, patience and technique in order to complete. You are connected to a cable for the duration of the activity other than a well-earned rest at the half-way point (at ground level!), so it doesn’t matter if you slip off – as I think all of us soon discovered.

The activity was clearly a hit with the students. Seventeen out of twenty rated it 4 out of 4 on their feedback forms and twelve chose it as their favourite activity of all. One student commented “It made me develop new skills. Though the general activity was quite challenging for me I still managed to be proud of myself for what I accomplished.”

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