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MARCH 2018: Sekolah Bina Persada, Indonesia

A Magical Medley

‘Invest in your child’s learning journey. Let him join Traidhos Visiting School Program and discover the magic.’ – Ms. Beth

Students from SBP definitely experienced their fair share of Thai culture during their school’s first trip with VSP this year.

On the first of four activity days, they started with a Thai language and culture class. They learned about basic Thai language, for example how to greet each other in Thai and how to bargain for shopping at the night market, which they were to visit later in the week. They also learned about traditional northern Thai costume and got an opportunity to try it on themselves.

That afternoon they visited Elephant Poo Poo Paper Park, where they make paper from the dung of animals such as elephants, horses, cows, buffalo and also other natural waste fibres like coconut husk. SBP learned how to make the paper step-by-step by following the Park’s interactive trail and they also made their own greetings cards from poo paper. They got a fantastic experience and gained insight into how seemingly useless materials can actually have value.

The following day they went to see how paper that is made in a similar way is used to make umbrellas – a popular craft associated with Chiang Mai. The umbrellas are made using natural materials and make great souvenirs!

Later that day, SBP went to Chedi Luang Temple. They had the a chance to talk to one of the resident monks about Buddhism and the life of monks in Thailand before exploring the historic temple.

One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Elephants Retirement Park. The students learned about the role of elephants in Thai society and enjoyed taking care of them by feeding them, bathing them and making them delicious, nutritional snacks.

The students got lots of experiences from this trip: they learned so much about the local culture and, as well as the activities already mentioned, even included a visit to a school in Chiang Mai city to see the students there. Hopefully they returned back to Indonesia with fond memories and able to apply knowledge from their experiences to life back at home.

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