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MARCH 2018: Australian International School, Hong Kong

Cultural Immersion

One of the highlights of AIS’s journey in Chiang Mai was a visit to Mae Kapiang with the Sangob Foundation. Mae Kapiang is a Karen hill tribe village about forty minutes away from VSP’s campus.

After arriving in the village, the group enjoyed a tour, which gave them the opportunity to learn more about the community rice fields and the surprising range of fruit trees that grow in the area; from lychee to orange to soursop!

The group was welcomed by a local couple who invited the students into their home to show them more about life in the village. From the husband they learned about the traditional medicine used by the villagers, including the chance to try different plants and herbs. One of their favourites was turmeric can be used to treat acne, which resulted in a lot of very yellow faces!

Next, the group had the chance to experience how the weaving process works from winding the balls of thread through to setting the pattern and eventually watching the final product being made. After having a go at setting the pattern I think everyone would agree that it’s every bit as difficult as it looks!

After an interesting morning, the group enjoyed lunch of fried chicken and mushroom soup served with some delicious rice from the local fields. The trip to Mae Kapiang provides an opportunity to learn more about a way of life very different to that experienced by many of the students who have grown up in Hong Kong and was appreciated by all.

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