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JULY 2018: Travel For Teens School

USA Students at your Service!

Travel For Teens come every year to take part in a community service project with VSP. This is an opportunity for students to see life in a small, traditional Thai community while helping out with a building project that genuinely changes lives.

This year, a group of ten teens were able to complete a huge project: a female dormitory at the Christian foundation, Sowing House. Children from local villages come to stay at Sowing House if their family is unable to look after them. With the addition of this new dormitory, the children and their mothers will be able to spend some nights together.

The building took three days. The students were fast workers, getting through fifteen bags of cement a day. The dormitory’s quick progression proved to be highly empowering for the teens, proving what they were capable of as a team. On their last day, Travel For Teens was even able to paint the walls they had built, completing a tough but rewarding few days.

The new dormitory is very important for the girls at Sowing House. Before Travel For Teens came to help, the girls were staying in a bamboo house with holes in the walls, roof and floor. They have now moved to the new dormitory and are ecstatic about their new home. Travel For Teens, well done!

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