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International School Dhaka (February)

This month we welcomed to Traidhos for the first time a group of students and staff from International School Dhaka.

The week was a mix of adventure activities, cultural awareness, nature spots, team building and a day on the farm. The team-building day was split into four activities and the students worked in small groups.

The first activity required the team to complete the simple task of making a square from a long piece of rope but it proved to be a huge challenge for all the groups as it had to be completed blindfolded! This was an opportunity for the students to practice the communication skills that would be so important in the next three activities as well.

Frustrations mounted on our low ropes course as the teams struggled to complete it within the time limit. The course is designed to challenge participants in a number of ways so that each person will probably find a different part of it the most difficult. This can be a real test of patience for some of our guests as they watch their friend struggle to travel along a section that to them had been easy, but they soon realized that their team could progress most quickly when everybody was getting involved and helping each other.

Next was shelter building. Despite being given the same set of materials, all our groups produced shelters in different styles. Some used trees or ditches to assist their construction but the indisputable champion shelter (pictured) was freestanding. Well done to that team!

The last task of the day was raft building and it was attempted with mixed success. The each team built a raft and sent a volunteer across a small canal filled with "toxic" water, to retrieve a secret scroll from the far side of the hazard. Not all the rafts held up to the challenge, with comical results!

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