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Hong Kong International School (April 2014)

At the end of April we welcomed a group of students and staff from Hong Kong International School. The trip was a mix of outdoor activities, cultural awareness and a day of doing shopping at the very famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The students and staff were split into three groups and each group did different activities. An extremely fun highlight of the trip was the trek - a two-hour walk.

We started hiking from Mueng Kued camp, where we had spent a night deep in the jungle. We went up and down hills all the way and really enjoyed seeing elephants, elephant dung, birds, waterfalls and even local people riding their bikes up a very narrow and very steep hill. All the kids had great fun during the trek and they were walking so quickly, trying to beat each other.

We also visited the elephant nature park which provided kids with the opportunity to get close to these beautiful giants of Thailand. Overall the trip was a great success and the kids got to learn a great deal about another culture very different from their own.

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