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FEBRUARY 2018: KIS International School, Bangkok

Happiness at Hope Home

Hope Home is a place that cares for seven children with special needs.

Students from KIS International School, Bangkok went to Hope Home to do community service for three days. They split into two groups: one planned their own games and activities to play with kids and another helped with other physical jobs such as wall painting, pot painting and making a shoe rack for all the kids.

They also cut all the grass for renovating the garden area. As Hope Home does not always have as many hands to help out as they would like, all of these chores were a great help to the staff and children there.

KIS students had prepared stationery, including colouring pencils and colouring books, which have many patterns that Hope Home kids can choose from and enjoy colouring. They also sang songs together with a guitar and went for walks and bike rides around the village.

From visiting Hope Home, the KIS students gained new experience, especially as they helped to prepare the activities themselves. They learnt about cooperation, communication and consideration for others.

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