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Concordian International School (May)

Concordian International School has been coming to VSP every year since 2006, and, as we do with all of our returning schools, we have always considered ways to develop the programme to make sure it keeps getting better and better. This year was the first time they included a day of community service on the trip. The students did a great job of painting the exterior of a couple of buildings in a remote Lisu village to help make the place look a bit nicer, and then they played with some of the local children.

Since Concordian IS is located in Thailand and the majority of its students are Thai, we felt that it would be a great learning experience for them to interact with some hill tribe children, who are often victims of prejudice from “city folk”. Hopefully by having had the opportunity to interact with one of the many different non-Thai ethnicities that call Thailand their home, these children will be more able to make up their own minds about their compatriots.

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