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Yangon International School (February 2014)

Chiang Mai is a gifted place that has beautiful scenery with a very strong sense of culture. In February we welcomed Yangon International School, returning for a second year to our beautiful campus. We were to spend a complex six-day programme together.

"I love how it gives them a taste of so many different things, allowing them to push their boundaries along the way. I strongly believe this trip influences lives, both immediately and over the long term!" – Mr Matthew Sven Kaun

The students got to enjoy a variety of different activities including adventure activities such as zip wiring, mountain biking and kayaking. They also had a unique opportunity to embrace some culture-oriented activities including the Thai language and culture class, Thai arts and crafts, Elephant Nature Park and Muay Thai training. As well as the individual development, YIS also took some time to do team building activities that required a high level of cooperation between the students. During this process they learnt how to communicate with each other and how to face disputes when there were different opinions.

"I wish I could stay here for a month and complete the other 90% of the activities" - Michelle Tao
"What stops people from having fun is the limit, Traidhos is limitless" - Kyaw Kyaw Htwe

YIS also found time to get involved with a local community project where they helped to build a new school for Wat Sri On Muang Kindergarten. The school was founded by Duangtha Siriwattano, abbot of Chomkiri Temple in Maena, Chiang Dao. He founded the Wat Chomkiri preschool in May 1993 to help the local children. In the early days, only a dozen children attended the school and the Temple’s canteen area was used as a classroom, but with an increasing number of students the space was becoming too small.

The students learnt how to mix cement, lay bricks for the classroom walls, paint and hammer in nails. We found that we had little knowledge about DIY at the start but by the end the students could go home almost as professionals! Although it was a hot day the students worked incredibly hard and found the experience very meaningful. It’s always a delightful thing to do if you realise that you are actually helping someone.

It helps me to realize that I’m one of the special people on this earth who has a potential to change the world and help people" – Irene @ Pann Myat Phyu Sin Myo

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