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JANUARY 2018: Nord Anglia International School, Dubai

Nord Anglia make a splash

For Nord Anglia’s first fieldwork trip with VSP, they completed a river study by following the Mae Rim river that runs from Mok Fa waterfall down past our campus. Though the weather was less sunny than we had hoped for, the students were completely unfazed and took to the river with utter excitement. With the first site being a waterfall, they took the liberty of starting off their research on a high note by jumping under the waterfall for a photo.

This sums up the tone of this trip and the undying enthusiasm that these students had for all the activities they took part in. The river study continued for a further two days, though with the work rate the students put in they could possibly have made it through all ten sites in two days with a little extra push.

After their science project research, the group spent the rest of the trip enjoying Chiang Mai some trademark VSP activities: climbing, ziplining and kayaking to name but a few. All the while their spirits never dropped and their attitudes stayed positive, leading to an end of the week that came far too soon. It was a truly enjoyable trip and we look forward to welcoming Nord Anglia Dubai back again in the coming years.

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