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IS Yangon go climbing!

This week we were visited by IS Yangon for five days of adventure and team building activities. An exciting addition to their program was that they were the first ever school to experience our brand new VSP climbing wall! Finished at the end of 2015, our climbing wall features three levels of difficulty including an introductory sloping wall for beginners, a vertical wall with two different coloured routes and an overhang for those looking to really challenge themselves.

With helmets strapped on and harnesses tightened, students were all briefed on basic climbing technique and the all-important health and safety rules of climbing. To give the students more responsibility and a greater variety of roles during the session, the group was introduced to a peer belaying technique, meaning that the students worked as a group to belay each other up and down the wall under the careful instruction and guidance of our VSP staff, who completed a three-day Climbing Wall Instructor course last year.

Some students opted to focus on the beginner wall, working on their technique, with some even attempting it with no hands! Many also gave the overhang a go – a test of skill, strength and determination. Most soon realised how tough an overhang can be, even for experienced climbers. Even climbing a metre up the wall can leave you with tired fingers but several students kept coming back for more to try and reach just one more hold.

Overall it was a great way to kick off 2016 and the opening of our new wall. A big shout goes out to the two students that managed to reach the top of the overhang!

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