In Bangkok we have a variety of sites .....

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History & Culture





Parks & Gardens

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Bang Krajao
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Students will investigate sustainable practices on this green lung area of Bangkok from fruit farming and eco resorts to local wisdom herbal remedies. Explore the cultural connection of siamese fighting fish and the floodplains of Chao Phraya River.


Students can connect with the stories of chinese migrants as we trace their arrival in Bangkok and discover the legacy that has been developed into the present day China Town.

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Grand Palace & Wat Pho
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 At this famous site, students can identify mythical creatures and immerse in the grandeur of the Grand Palace as you consider the development of present day Bangkok and the role of Chao Phraya River in settlement.

Hop over to Wat Pho fro students to discover why massage is associated with Wat Pho, the history of Thai medicine and the connections with local wisdom and present day tourism while we unwrap this significant temple.

Klong Mon

Students enjoy a klong tour that highlights old and new observing modern day Bangkok living next to the river and farmland juxtaposed roads and bridges. Consider how climate change might impact these communities.

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Ko Kret

Students learn how the island of Ko Kret was made and discover the story of who came to inhabit it. There are also plenty of opportunities to gain hands-on experience of the local crafts and traditions.

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Ko Kret Learning Centre

Visit our very own plot of land on the island of Ko Kret. The original Traidhos Barge is permanently moored here providing a unique outdoor classroom experience. Students can explore a wide variety of topics from agriculture and farming to sustainability issues on the island and innovative solutions.

We seek to develop this site into a community space and we welcome support in growing this project.

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Lumpini Park

Students can investigate species diversity and species richness, learn about an urban water treatment system and consider the role of green spaces in an urban metropolis.

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Portuguese Village
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Students can explore the history of Bangkok through the eyes of Portuguese settlers on the banks of the Chao Phraya. Consider the connections between religion and settlement, make traditional cakes and investigate the contributions this community makes to Bangkok today.

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Royal Barge Museum

Marvel at the craftsmanship of the Royal Barges, discover the symbols and meanings portrayed in the designs and learn about the significance of these boats since the days when Ayutthaya was the capital.

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Sumane Fort

No study about the history of Bangkok is complete without a visit to Phra Sumane. Students can consider its role in defending the Chao Phraya River and visit the remaining trees which gave the area its name.

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Wat Arun

Students unwrap the connections between traders' ships' ballast and beautiful Wat Arun. Experience the practice of making merit and investigate the role the site of  Wat Arun played when Thonburi held power.

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Wat Chaloem Phrakiat

Discover this temple built in the reign of King Rama lll with a blend of chinese and traditional architecture, look for clues about its role on the Chao Phraya River and consider reasons for the number of fish living freely in front of it.  This visit can be combined with activities in the adjoining park and river observations.

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