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Overseas Family School (Seniors) Singapore

On 29 May VSP welcomed a group of seventeen senior students and three accompanying teachers from Overseas Family School (OFS) Singapore to Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is OFS’s second trip with VSP this academic year - Grade 8 came to Chiang Mai in January and they had a great time. Now it is June and this is the time for the seniors to join the adventure!

The focus of this trip was an assortment of different fieldwork activities that VSP has to offer. The group did a leaf litter survey at Huay Tung Tao Reservoir where they looked at biodiversity in different areas of forest. They considered the human activities affecting these sites and their impact on the surrounding area.

After the survey, the group hiked up to the top of the hill to enjoy an unobstructed view of Chiang Mai city before heading back to the Traidhos Three-Generation Farm for further studies. Students had the opportunity to practise soil profiling and sweep netting. The tranquil setting of the Farm also provided students with ample opportunity for reflection.

Other activities of the trip included a river survey at three different sites, starting from Mok Fa waterfall and following the river south as it passed through different villages. Students learned about levels of exposure as the river water completed its journey and the resulting ecological impacts of human behaviour on the quality of the water.

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