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Khartoum International Community School

7 - 16 January 2016

On 7 January , VSP staff were very pleased to welcome back Khartoum International Community School to Traidhos. This year we had thirty-two Grade 12 students join us along with four teachers ready to embark on a week of service, adventure and new experiences that would hopefully leave lasting impressions on both the students and all those they worked with over the week.

The community service project took place at Huay Nam Rin orphanage, which provides safe shelter, care and education for young people and is located just a few miles from our campus. Khartoum participated in an ongoing project to build a new dormitory for the boys that stay at the orphanage because at the moment some of them are sleeping on mattresses on the floor due to lack of space.

It was hard work in hot conditions, but in just under two days and with the help of their teachers and some of the Huay Nam Rin residents, the group were proud to finish the concrete floor. The next step is to build the walls, which will be kicked off by Seoul International School next month.

Khartoum stayed with us for ten days so they managed to fit in a range of activities. We look forward to welcoming them again next year!

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