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JUNE 2018: Somerset College, Australia

Local Life

Somerset students were able to enjoy biking and learning at the same time by cycling around Traidhos’s local neighbourhood. There were many things to see that are different from their hometown in Australia, for example a little, local village, rice fields, a rice mill and some temples.

Rice mill

Along the route we biked and stopped to have a look around. The first station was a rice mill. The students learnt the stages of processing rice after it is harvested. Our tour guide was explaining about how the huge machine works.

In the past farmers would separate out the rice husk by using an old technique called “winnowing”, which takes a lot of time. However, using a machine helps them save a lot of time.

Local temple

This is a small, local temple. The students learnt that the majority of Thais are Buddhist and that many events will involve the local temple and resident monks, such as weddings, getting a new house, buying a new car, funerals etc.

Traidhos Farm

The last stop on the biking trip was the Traidhos Farm in order to learn more about farming.

Different to the rice factory in the morning, in our farm we do everything without machines. The students got an opportunity to try out the techniques they had heard about at the rice mill but they also practiced some of the earlier stages of rice farming too: ploughing and planting. They realised how hard it is to grow rice and how the farmers have a tough job!

Learning by doing is an effective way to study. I am happy that they had the chance to explore new experiences that they will never get too anywhere else. Thank you for all lovely students for being open minded.

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