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Concordian International School, Bangkok

9-13 May, 2016

As part of Concordian’s five days in Chiang Mai they had the excellent idea of inviting the residents of nearby Huay Nam Rin Children’s Home to Traidhos for an afternoon of fun games and crafts. Their staff prepared six stations, including races, water balloons, painting and origami. Concordian students and the local children joined up in mixed teams and rotated around the activities. By the end of the activity it was clear they had made new friends and had a lot of fun! The owner of the home was very grateful that his children had been given the experience and he also seemed to be having as much fun as anyone as he joined in with the games.

In the evening both groups sat down together for Khantoke Dinner – a variety of northern dishes served on a low, round table called a khantoke. Even though many of our guests were from Bangkok this is quite an unusual way for them to enjoy a meal – sat on the floor and eating with their hands. After dinner some of the Huay Nam Rin children performed songs in Lahu – which for many of them is their mother tongue – before we watched the usual music and dance show, whose performers only get better as the years go on.

It’s always a joy to watch people of very different backgrounds getting to know one another and having fun together and it was no different on this occasion. VSP has worked with the home many times and they are always eager and excited to meet new people. We hope that our relationship can continue for many more years.

Concordian themselves are one of our veteran schools, having visited us for over ten years. The program has naturally changed a lot in that time as both VSP and their school have evolved and I look forward to getting creative with next year’s itinerary.

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