A whirlwind of Activity ( 10 - 16 July 2022)

Updated: May 26

Traidhos Air Camp is a whirlwind of activity. If you are curious about the world around you, adventurous and up for a challenge, you will enjoy Air Camp.

Campers will hike in fresh mountain air, experience a tethered hot air balloon, make smoke signals, create art works with spray paints, explore problems of air pollution, create AQI censors and investigate the theme of air through STEM activities.

This July Summer camp is open to campers aged 8 - 12. Traidhos Air Camp is a residential school holiday program taking place in northern Thailand on the Traidhos Campus in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai.

Register using the registration form

English language https://forms.gle/HpJuofZnn9FuF2w18

Chinese language https://forms.gle/6G6o3HV2rFVEEVrv9

or email lyndar@threegeneration.org for more information.

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