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A Family Affair

Tag: A Family AffairAugust 03, 2017


While newspapers are full of stories about elderly people left abandoned by their children and youngsters provided with an i-pad with which to amuse themselves, Traidhos Family Camp offers the opportunity for families to learn and spend time together.

Pictured here, are three members of the same family: grandma, daughter and grand daughter participating in a week-long environmentally themed family camp. With busy work schedules, it is unusual for all three to spend quality time together at the same time. During Family Camp, both Grandma and Mum have enjoyed seeing the little girl find and observe snails and bugs as well as sharing together in a range of other activities on and off campus together.

It is this sort of opportunity that captures the long-held vision of Traidhos Founder and CEO, Mom Tri who once said," I envision a community for living and learning for the entire family that provides a healthy lifestyle and opportunities for continuing education." This is what makes the Traidhos Three-Generation Community special. Not just a school, not just an outdoor or environmental education centre, but a community that recognises the value of relationships and in learning with and from each other often in a natural setting.

For our camp family, Traidhos Family Camp has provided a space for them to re-connect and experience new things as well as the chance to spend time with like minded people. A possitive experience and a truly family affair.