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Traidhos Camps Program welcomes Origin Childrens Home

Tag: Traidhos, Camps, Program, Origin, Children, HomeFebruary 01, 2016

ML Tri, CEO and Founder of Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning,  often talks about family, especially the importance of family members participating in learning activities together. Traidhos Family Camp aims to make this a reality - a camp program for parents and children to experience together.  We were delighted to welcome seven mums and their seven children, from different parts of China, to a week of learning.

The group selected activities that would provide opportunities to develop curiosity and confidence in the natural environment. Families enjoyed scavenger hunts, exploring the farm, cooking with seasonal produce that they harvested from the farm, bug hunts and making instruments from found objects. One of the highlights of the week found participants constructing their own play house from leaf panels and bamboo.

Parents were delighted to see their children interacting with each other, responding to instructions in English, and becoming more independent as they shared new experience together.