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Tag: traidhos, barge, staff, food safety, ministry of public healthJuly 25, 2016

Barge facilitator Thee and Crewman Pat, recently attended a course organised by the Bangkok Municipality Administration Department of Health,  aimed at food operators. Although the Barge Program does not sell food at the side of the road, we felt that the knowledge gained would be helpful for ensuring that the barge kitchen and the meals served and prepared there during trips are as safe as possible.

The day was divided into two sessions, with lecture time and then practice time. The course ended with a short evaluation leading to the qualification of the food handling certificate. Participants learnt about keeping food contact areas safe, managing dried, fresh and packaged food, personal hygiene and grooming when near food, food waste disposal and pest control measures.

Both Pat and Thee agree that the course was worthwhile and increased their confidence to make good decisions in the kitchen.

We congratulate them both.