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From the Mountains to near the Sea

Tag: From the Mountains to near the SeaJuly 23, 2017

The River Ping is well known to everyone in Chiang Mai as it flows through the city, under Narawat Bridge and on and on. Engraved on the minds of children from all over Thailand is the children's  rhyme about Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan meeting at Nakorn Sawan and flowing out to the sea beyond Bangkok at the Gulf of Thailand, in Samut Prakarn province. But many village people have never seen the mighty River of Kings, that is fed by River Ping.

Recently, a group of Traidhos staff from each department, travelled on the overnight train from Chiang Mai to Ayutthaya, to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the heart of Thai history and then to travel south to Bangkok to experience the river so often called the Lifeblood of Thailand.

For three days, cooks, housekeepers, gardeners, nurses and engineers travelled together, worked together and relaxed playing games together as their adventure unfolded. It was a time of rest and refreshment after a busy academic year on the Traidhos Campus, a time to get to know each other better and a time to think about our corporate vision - of being an international community of learners, across generations working together for a sustainable future.

The trip went by too quickly as the train returned staff to their homes in the north; but there remains a buzz, an excitement of shared stories, the memories of karaoke, the fun of team-building games and the photos of places that had been previously only names on a map. Perhaps this group of staff will never look at the red muddy waters of the River Ping flowing by quite the same again. IT will always stir in them the memory of their journey from the mountains to the Chao Phraya.