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Fire Prevention and Fire Evacuation Training for Traidhos Staff

Tag: Fire Prevention and Fire Evacuation Training for Traidhos StaffJuly 23, 2017

Traidhos staff had a break from construction projects and school holiday deep cleaning to join the Fire Prevention and Fire Evacuation Training conducted on campus by the Chief of Mae Rim Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office.

One hundred and fifty-seven staff participated to fulfil the requirement of the Interior Ministry. According to the Act, employers are required to administer, manage and operate the Occupational Health Safety & Environment in strict compliance with the standards stipulated in the Ministerial Regulations. 

The standards under the Regulations include:

Fire Safety & Prevention -  Employers must provide a fire prevention and control system in the workplace, provide fire prevention and evacuation training to staff at least once a year, provide fire evacuation signage in the workplace, provide fire escape routes for each workplace building and provide adequate firefighting equipment to control fires in the workplace, for example, fire extinguishers or fire hoses.

During the day, Traidhos staff were engaged in various practical sessions. They practised evacuating people injured or overcome by smoke and  simulated an emergency involving a pan of hot oil catching fire. Staff  were shown how to identify potential fire hazards in a variety of settings to enable them to look for hazards in their workplace or at home,  in a more objective way.