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Dr. Jim Cain Workshop

Tag: Dr. Jim Cain, WorkshopDecember 14, 2015

On Sunday November 29th Stan and James attended a teambuilding workshop organised by the JUMP! Foundation led by Dr. Jim Cain. Jim Cain is an author of adventure teambuilding texts and has presented more than 1500 programs in 49 states and 28 countries in the past 10 years. Educators from all over Thailand and neighbouring countries worked together learning and discovering new activities, games and ice-breakers as well as refreshing and learning how to improve old ones!

It was a great chance to meet other like-minded educators and to learn off one another to help progress the learning of the children we teach through discovery and play-based learning.

Thank you Dr Jim Cain and thank you all those staff at the JUMP! Foundation that helped to organise a great day of discovery!