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A Taste of Thai

Tag: A Taste of ThaiJuly 18, 2017

Traidhos Cooking Academy Staff, Nae is a life-long learner. In-between her school co-curricular classes, Visiting Schools Program Thai Cooking sessions and her work with Traidhos Camp, Nae was accepted onto the ninety hour course run by the Chiang Mai Skill-Development Department: Basic Chef Thai Cooking Class.

Working in teams, Nae successfully completed the certificate to prove that she can cook Thai food to the accepted traditional Thai food taste. There is growing concern in Thai culinary circles, that soon, with the world-wide popularity of Thai food, ready-made Thai dishes and the fusion between Thai food and western dishes, traditional Thai food tastes could be lost forever, with a generation of global citizens unaware of what is really Thai.

The course promoted traditional Thai culture through cooking. It included knowledge of what the standard Thai taste is and how to achieve it in your cooking. Participants were also  tested on their ability to cook with traditional ingredients to the standard taste, and had  to demonstrate the traditional skills without modern kitchen gadgets for things such as making curry pastes.  It is expected that each of the trainees will continue to promote traditional Thai tastes and presentations in their daily workplace.

After each class, the dishes were evaluated and at the end of the course, all the participants worked together to prepare a feast assessed by the group of chefs attending the Master Chef course.It was a celebration of the best of Thai cuisine.

Nae was pleased to discover  that the classes she already teaches were quite close to the traditions she was being taught. She commented, " I wanted to learn the right way to cook Thai food - to  recognised benchmark standards, rather than just knowing the way I grew up eating Thai food at home. I really want our students to experience the traditional tastes of Thai food."