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Seup Cha-dtaa (Lanna's Tradition of Prolonging Life) Ceremony

Tag: Seup Cha-dtaa Ceremony, Lanna's Tradition of Prolonging LifeApril 05, 2017

There was a buzz of excitement in the air this morning as Traidhos staff came together to share in a Seup Cha-dtaa ceremony to bring blessings to the Traidhos campus and those who work there. From early in the morning housekeepers and gardeners swept and cleaned, set out chairs and mats and prepared the space for 5 monks from nearby temples. A white string encircled the campus to ensure the blessings reached throughout the area, meeting at the Lanna-style Krajom (made from wooden branches) in the centre of the room.

At 10 am the monks arrived, their saffron robes contrasting to the green of the campus foliage. They took up their positions and their chantings permeated the campus, more accustomed to the shrieks and laughter of Early Years' children. For a short time the holiday "big clean" and the list of maintenance jobs was laid aside as staff made their contributions to the well-being of the campus in the way that had been passed down by their parents and grandparents. As New Year approaches it was fitting for staff to come together in this way to pray for their workplace and each other and receive the monks' blessings, to feel what it means to be community and to share together.