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Exploring the meaning of Lanna at Traidhos Residence & Spa

Tag: Lanna, Residence, Spa, Traidhos Residence & SpaOctober 20, 2015

The PR materials for the Traidhos Residence and Spa promise the visitor "the peace and quiet of rural Thailand" with rooms offering the "Lanna style with a touch of serenity and modern art deco". But what does this mean for the visitor?

The word Lanna is made up of two words combined: "Lan" ล้าน, meaning a million and "Na" meaning rice field.  Lanna literally translates to mean a million rice fields. While only the top floor of the Traidhos apartments have a chance to view the rice fields of Huay Sai Village, residents can easily stroll into the village where rice farming still predominates.

Much of the artwork around the Residence depicts a stylised form of the bodhi tree leaf.The bodhi tree, ficus religiosa, is significant because it is believed to be the tree that Buddha was sitting under in a Bodh Gaya when he attained enlightenment. The tree grows in many temple complexes and in the modern high street, it appears in the branding of a popular bank.

You will also see carved wooden lintels decorating the Residences. Traditionally, a Lanna house placed the carved lintel above the doorway leading to the veranda, the place where guests would be welcomed. The wooden carvings were full of symbolism relating to fertility which was designed to protect the family. Without understanding the deeper meanings, these carvings appear simply full of floral and vegetal patterns.

Finally, the Residence rooms are furnished with traditional silk runners, reminding guests of the tradition of raising silk worms and history of hand-weaving silk cloth.

Traidhos Residence & Spa, consists of 26 rooms and suites with a small pool for residents' use. It includes studio rooms, or suite accommodation with a small cooking facility. For full information and to book on line,  see